Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Painting our Pumpkins

Since the kids are still so little, Ryan and I thought it would be best to paint our pumpkins instead of carving them. So, here are my two special guys, Brayden and Ryan, painting their pumpkins.

Pausing for a pose.

Two kids hard at work.

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My SNEAKY husband!

So Ryan told me to clear my calendar so that we could go on a surprise date. I didn't know where we were going, or what to expect. He was to give me clues through out the week to help me guess what in the world we were doing.

So, each day he hid a clue somewhere for me to find. And still after the clues, I had no ideas on what we would be doing. So, he made me put them all together.

Ads with the word "Save"+ "Ion" car +
a bunch of "Glove"s + and the letter "R"

Hmmmmm..... who else but Savion Glover---

the BEST tap dancer in the WORLD!!! I was so stoked I actually started crying! It has always been a childhood dream to see him, and here is my husband, so thoughtful, not even knowing how much it truly meant to me.

Of course we both had a super great time. Did I mention that I have the very best husband in the WORLD!!! Thanks Ryan, I love you!
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Crazy Eyes!!!

Brianna brought home from preschool a craft with these googly eyes. She decided that the googly eyes looked much better on her than on the craft. I looked over and she was trying so hard to get them to stay on her own eyes, and then said, "Hey mom, look at me!" I about died laughing and then ran for my camera of course. It is so fun to see her little funny personality emerging....even at 3 years old! My silly lil' girl!
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So Darn Cute!!!

Here we are getting ready for church and the kid's just looked so darn cute I couldn't resist takin a picture! It so funny to me how much time and effort you can spend getting your kids ready...tuck in shirts, change diapers, do their hair, put their shoes and socks on....just to have them undo in two seconds everything that took you half and hour to do!!! Kids!!!! Gotta love them!

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