Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Little Monkey

Brayden's (and Brianna's, but she was at school) new thing is climbing trees! And our backyard is great for this! :) Last week, Brayden insisted that I bring out the camera and take some pictures of him climbing the tree to share with everyone. So, here they are! I call him my little monkey because, it doesn't matter where we are (at the YMCA, in the house, outside) this kid just loves to climb!
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Brianna Lost Her First Tooth!

All last year Brianna watched as most of her kindergarten classmates all lost their first tooth. And now it is HER turn! For the last 3 weeks she has been wiggling this little tooth around like 24/7, even had the new tooth growing in behind it, and this stubborn thing still did not want to come out! So, finally, I came home from Young Womens last Wednesday night and everyone was in the bathroom.......and Ryan, the miracle dad got it out!!! :0

Brianna was so excited that she woke us up at 2 a.m. to let us know that the tooth fairy had come and brought her some money (can you believe that the going rate around here is $2...I remember when it used to be a quarter!), a special note, and she even let her keep her tooth! I tell you what...that is one nice tooth fairy! It sure is wonderful being a parent and getting to relive your childhood through your own kids.
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Mommy, can I have a box???

Almost everyday Brayden asks me if I can get a box down from the attic for him. And usually I say no. But today, I actually said Yes! And this is what my excited little boy did with it for a couple of hours! :) Little boys and their imagination! Gotta love it!
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Off To School Again

Here are a couple of pictures from Brianna and Brayden's first day of school. Brianna is going into 1st grade and couldn't be more excited! Brayden is starting Pre-School at Brianna's school and was so excited to ride the big yellow school bus for the first time today. Last year, I cried when Brianna rode the bus for the very first time. But this year, I was okay. There was a moment when I thought...I can't believe that I'm sending my little boy away with a total stranger....but then it passed as quickly as it came! We love their school and are so grateful for a "free" great education system in our country. So study hard kids!!!
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Hurricane Irene

Yikes! It's not every week you get to experience an earthquake and a hurricane all at once! Fortunately we were safe in our house from the storm, but here are some pictures Ryan took. The first is of a tree in our backyard being blown in the wind. The second and third pics are of a 70 foot pine tree that came down in our friends yard. Crazy, huh? Then on Sunday, church meetings were cancelled and all the men headed out for clean up projects which lasted most of the day. We were one of the few that had power all day Saturday, made it through the storm with only a couple of flickers and then on Sunday, after we lent out our generator, we lost power!!! (haha! just our luck!) The last picture is of a little bird that Ryan spotted, hiding in a corner on our front porch, shielding itself from the powerful wind and rain. I guess even the little birds have to find shelter too. :)
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Zachary Ethan turns 2!!!

Here are a few pics from Zack's birthday party! We can't believe how big our little guy is getting and how much he has changed over the last 2 years. He loved his cake and all his presents so, thank you to everyone for making his birthday so very special!
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Introducing the Miller Family!

Or should I say the Awesome Rasmussen's from Arizona, and the Groovy Miller's in Chicago! We feel so blessed to have such wonderful family, even though we live way to far from eachother, it is such a blessing to be surrounded by such wonderful people whenever we can! And all those crazy kids!!! Just LOVE them all to pieces!

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The "Miller" Family Photo Shoot

While we were on vacation in NY, we decided to get a few updated family pics!
It's always a miracle if you can get everyone to smile at the same time. And surprisingly, our kids did okay this time! :)
And of course, what would we ever do without Trevor, Kendall, and Kyle???
Not to mention, the wonderful Ohio side of the family, Heather and Hannah!
And where would we be without our amazing Mom and Dad Miller? :) We love you all so much!
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

After the "Big Show"

The hard part about being a dance teacher is that I can't get any pictures of my kids during the actual show! Bummer!!! And I had Ryan playing videographer so we could get it all on tape! :) Here are a few pics Ryan took after the show of me and the kids. :)
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Little Stars

Here are individuals of Brayden and Brianna...of course, by the time I thought about getting a picture of them together it was too late! Oh well! :) That's the way my brain works these days!!! :)
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