Thursday, April 30, 2009

Uncle Ray and Brianna

Ryan absolutely LOVES this picture of his brother and our little girl. And of course he should! Brianna was so excited to go to the beach and what made it really special was there her Uncle Ray got to go with her. It has been over a week now, and we are still hearing her talk about the fun family trip and her famous Uncle Ray!!! :) Thanks Ray for bring so cool!!!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beach Day with Uncle Ray

We're ready for a fun day at Virginia Beach!
Uncle Ray helped out by carrying Brianna after she got tired from walking along the boardwalk.

These next two pics are kinda funny b/c they look like they go together....but no, Brianna did not push Brayden into the sand...he just did that all by himself! What a silly MESSY boy!

The boys (Ryan & Ray) had a fun time building a wading pool for the kids. The kids had a fun time digging, splashing, and falling into it!

Some quality Uncle & Nephew time!

This picture is to document the fact that both these young strapping lads decided that a water temp of 50 degrees was NOT going to stop them from diving into the water...personally, I think they're both CRAZY! It was pretty funny to watch them get the guts up to do it though. I think they were out there in the water for about 1 hour before Ryan just jumped right into a wave, and then Ray followed shortly after. I tried to get close enough just to take pictures and my feet were FREEZING!!! It's so fun to see boys just being boys! :)

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Williamsburg anyone???

Ryan had a great idea to check out Williamsburg, VA. So, we packed up the kids, and some lunches, and headed out for the day (a little unprepared because it RAINED alot of the time we were there...but we still had a great time!) Here are some pics from our visit (and by the way....we didn't even buy tickets and we still had a great time!)

Brayden practicing his "sad"face for this pic! And next, we enjoyed a pipes and drum sounded really cool, and the kids really loved it too!
This is how we teach our kids to work hard! And check out this water fountain in a barrel! Cool, huh?
We asked how much a ride in the fancy carriage, $20/person and the ride lasts 20 minutes!!! Yeah, can't afford that one right now!!!

The kids and I just relaxing after playing a serious game of Duck, duck, goose in the commons area lawn. I love spending time with our little family! Oh....the memories! :)Posted by Picasa

Our Easter Surprise!

Ryan and I have been training our kids to play quietly in their rooms when they first wake up (so we can get some extra Zzzz's and sleep a little later then 6 am on Sat. mornings). This has been working really great! So, the night before the Easter Bunny came (actually Fri. night b/c we celebrated the pagan side of Easter on Sat. this year) Ryan and I stuffed the eggs and set it out on the table nice and pretty for the next morning. Looks perfect...right????
Well, the next morning we wake up to Brianna saying to Ryan, "Dad, come quick, come quick! You won't believe your eyes! The easter bunny came last night, and he gave us candy...and we are EATING IT RIGHT NOW!!!! So, we both groggily wonder downstairs to discover every candy filled egg dumped onto the kitchen table, and the big chocolate bunnies opened and melting in their little hands! Oh, what fun to be a parent!!! Serves us well for trying to get a little extra sleep!!! hahaha...gotta LOVE KIDS! And we do, especially ours!
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Easter Fun

A family from church made this giant Easter Bunny cake (really adorable...but HUGE) for Brianna and Brayden...they LOVED it! They were sooooo excited!
This year we tried our hand at an easter bunny foam cottage...the kids really got into it, so much, that I was the one trying to hurry them up to finish, and they wanted to use every tiny piece! Brianna spent most of her time decorating a flower with every foam dot possible!!! A lot of work for a little girl, very detail oriented like her perfectionist dad! :)

Here we are decorating our easter eggs! With Princess and Ball stickers! We had a lot of tie-dyed eggs (smashed in the process of coloring them). They look really cool on the inside, and make for colorful egg salad sandwiches!

Ryan, getting into the action too! Lots of fun and lots of mess to clean up...but well worth it!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ultrasound pics

Picture #1 is a profile, #2 is a tiny hand reaching up (how sweet!), #3 is our little boy facing down and an awesome view of his spinal incredible!!!
These pics aren't as great as the one's above but you can still see in this pic that this is like looking face to face with our little boy (eyes are on the far right, and a hand on the far left), same thing in the next pic, and then the last one is our...."Yep, that's definately a BOY" picture! :) Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Here are the wonderful pics from our ultrasound. Enjoy!
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Results are In.....

We had our ultrasound yesterday....and we are so proud and excited to announce that we will be adding another BOY to the Miller family (we're keeping the Miller tradition of Y chromosome dominance going)!!! He looks healthy, and perfectly's really a miracle, isn't it? Anyway, just wanted to fill everyone in on our exciting news! Now, our biggest problem is coming up with another boy name! (and FYI we're probably not going to do the "Br" names again.) Any suggestions?