Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Puerto Rico Anyone???

SO I have to admit, the first time Ryan asked, "Would you ever be interested in visiting Puerto Rico?" This is NOT what I had in mind! We just got back from a fantastic vacation, and yes, we dropped the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa Millers, and everything was sooooo wonderful! Lots of beach (this is our view from our condo), sun, and sand! We did a little bit of kayaking in a biolumiscent bay~every time you touched the water it lit up like a glow stick , Carribean snorkeling, and horseback riding at the base of the rainforest. All in all, it is just what every couple needs...a little bit of a second honeymoon!!! :) We had great company, Ryan's brother Ray and his sweet wife Molly made the trip complete and tons of fun!

Here's we are at Luqillo Beach on the northeast side of the island. The water felt so nice and we loved the sunny weather! So picture perfect!

Cheers to NINE wonderful years of marriage! What a great guy I snagged! It sure is fun going through life with your best friend! :) Thanks Ryan. I love you.