Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A House of Their Own

Life in the backyard, was suddenly about to become much more exciting! We were getting a new house....about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide! Thanks to a great dad and a handy screwdriver!
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Brianna's First Day of Pre-school

Here she is....our little girl on her first day of pre-school! We are doing a co-op school, and like it or not, I was her teacher, and we held school at our house...not very exciting if you ask me, but she was thrilled! And if I may add....(no bias at all) she is my very favorite student ever!
Brianna has such a great daddy! He surprised her with her very own flowers!
And if that wasn't enough, Princess Aurora even sent along a little card telling Brianna that she hoped she had a great first day of school! This is one of the many reasons why I married Ryan! Thoughtful, and very sneaky!!!
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Trains, trains, and......beards?

We took a family trip to the Virginia Children's Museum which has a huge train exhibit that I knew my dad (an extreme train lover) would really appreciate. Brayden who is just now getting into trains loves this place too. So, I knew there would be some papa, grandson bonding going on.
But, little did I expect that Brayden's fascination with his Papa Jung's beard would distract him from his favorite train book! Both Brianna and Brayden thought his beard was really cool, and really soft. While my dad was reading them this book, they kept taking turns "petting" his beard. Not scary at all....who would have thought! :)
We love you Papa and Grandma Jung!
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3 Generations of Polka Dots

Ryan and I were so happy to have my parents come and visit us....a car ride all the way from TX! Yeehaw! My mom and I had a good laugh when we noticed that all the "ladies" were wearing polkadot dresses to church! We must be related! :) So, here we are, except for Brayden who always falls asleep right after church, and my handsome husband who is behind the camera!
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Can You Say CHEESEball???

Brayden is such a Hoot! Before I took this picture he was trying to be very sneaky and put on his sister's very cute and PINK Minnie Mouse sunglasses(thanks Aunt Molly). Once I started laughing and reaching for my camera, he couldn't help but give me a BIG Smile...probably because he knew he wasn't in trouble, and thought he was a pretty funny kid!
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Tree Climbing...take 2!

Posted by PicasaYes, that is Ryan and his brother Kyle showing off their mad tree climbing skills!

Tree Huggers....

I never thought I'd have to worry about my lil' girl becoming a TREE HUGGER! Just kidding. This is actually Brianna's first attempt at climbing a tree. She turned and said, "Look Mom, I climbed a tree!", and that is exactly as far as she got! I wonder who she gets her mad tree climbing skills from....maybe her Dad, and Uncle Kyle! Check out the picture above!
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Special time with Grandma Miller

Mmmmmmm....Blueberries! During our trip to NY to visit Grandma and Papa Miller, and the whole rest of the Miller gang, we decided it would be really fun to go and pick some yummy blueberries at a local farm. Here is Brayden with his super Grandma Miller! The lil' guy did pretty good at picking off the ripe ones, and also eating them!
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