Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a Jokester

So when Zack's not sleeping, he loves to make people laugh! This was after breakfast yesterday morning. He thought he was pretty funny! And of course, it doesn't help that we kept on laughing at how cute he was!!!
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Brianna, Brayden, and our Sleeping Angel

And my sleeping angel in his sunday best! Who would have thought a three minute car ride was enough time to fall asleep!
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My Handsome Brayden

And of course, who couldn't love this face? What a sensitive sweetheart! Brayden is always the quickest to hand out the compliments. And I love that about him! There's not a day that goes by that he doesn't tell me, "You're the BEST momma in the world!" or "I love you my big momma!" He is the only one that can say that and get away with it!!! :)
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My Little Girl

Brianna was so excited to wear her new easter dress to church, and afterward Ryan had a great time taking some pictures of his little girl! So sweet!
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Ahh! The Thrill!



Zack with Daddy

As we were putting the kids to bed, Brianna was wondering how she was ever going to sleep, being so excited and wanted to stay up til' midnight to see the easter bunny! Don't you remember the thrill of waking up the next morning? Not knowing what would be in your baskets??? Oh to be a kid! :) I guess that's one reason why we have children. To relive our childhood through them, and appreciate the simple things in life. I love being a mom!
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The Baskets

Here's a picture of the kids baskets. The kids and I put out a couple of carrots and celery the night before...you know, the Easter Bunny must get hungry delivering all those baskets! Brianna really got a kick out of the note he left! The next day she said, "This looks like you wrote the note mom. It's your handwriting." I said, "That's not MY handwriting. I don't write like that." (Thank goodness for husbands that like to write notes instead!)
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It's Huntin' Time

On Saturday we hosted an easter egg hunt for a couple of families in our ward again. I tried to get some good pictures, but everyone was running around so fast it was pretty tricky! And we even had a special guest drop by this year! Zack was pretty nervous at first but slowly warmed up to him. By the end he was even sharing his eggs with him! :)
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Ready, Set...Color

Saturday morning we had a grand time coloring easter eggs! The kids loved using the invisible crayon and glitter too!!! Ryan and I even got to do a few of them. How fun! Isn't family time great!!!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

St. Patty's Day Breakfast

So, I woke up that morning and thought nothing would taste better than a bowl of green oatmeal, and some green eggs and ham (okay, bacon). And the kids thought it was so cool to eat a green breakfast! So there's my contribution to this great Irish holiday! Ahh, the luck of the Irish!!! :)
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